Our Response to COVID-19


As you’re all aware of Covid-19, we have finally gone through all our admin and can finally address online that we had taken the extremely easy decision to close the studio from 14th March.Our priority is you and us. Whilst we had taken every precaution to clean in-between photo-shoots, we decided it is safer to postpone and be on the safe side. As a small business this does take a huge knock back especially with uncertainty to when we will re-open. But, what was even more important was the safety of your precious bundles of joy.

It has taken us longer than expected to call back all the lovely families that had booked, but in spite of the situation, we really can’t thank you all enough for how kind and loving you’ve all been. Our short couple of minutes had turned longer and what a pleasure it has been chatting to you all. If you would like to drop us a call whether to enquire about your photo-shoot or to take the pressure off self-isolation, just know we’ve put our calls on diversion to our home and we would be delighted to hear from you.

So what have we been up to since? We’ve finished all deep cleaning on 19 th March so that the studio is all sanitised and clean. Whilst we’re at home we’ve decided to experiment with limited ingredients in the kitchen to see what we can rustle up (if you do call us, you may hear the odd pots and pans so kindly excuse us please).

We hear from all of you how scared you are, whether you have the slightest of cough, you think you’ve caught it. Most likely it’s our paranoia playing with us. Remember one thing, stay calm and don’t read too much news, it will only weaken your immune system.

Hey wait… Let’s do something, why don’t you drop us a message and tell us what you’ve been up to to keep yourself busy, maybe it’s a board game, something simple or creative so that you can relax your mind, in return, we promise to reply to you and tell you what we’re doing so that we can swap ideas. Maybe we can help each other out too!

In the meantime please know we’re in this together, please stay at home and take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your communities.

Stay safe and all the very best,
Priya and Angela
Bright Sparkles Photography